Above Ground Pools

In the South, as we all know, Summers are hot … and humid. Community pools are, well, community pools. But you can enjoy a quality above ground pool from Southeast Recreation in your own backyard! Serving Huntsville and North Alabama as well as Fayetteville and Southern Middle Tennessee, Southeast Recreation has numerous above ground pool styles, sizes and options to fit nearly any yard or budget. Above Ground Pools from Southeast Recreation don’t have to be ugly, plain or taken down at the end of every summer. Above Ground Pools definitely don’t have to be difficult to maintain! With so many pool options your family time can be spent at home with an above ground pool that will enhance your backyard. Your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends and family will love your “staycation” and spend more time at home splashing and swimming in a pool where you know what’s in the water! And we never leave you stranded! When you purchase an Above Ground Pool from Southeast Recreation, we’re here for you. We offer free water testing for any above ground pool seven days a week. We never recommend chemicals you don’t need and we offer free Pool School open to everyone! We love and highly recommend mineral based water sanitizers that are great for your water, great for any above ground pool, great for the longevity of your pool equipment and great for you and your skin. But we also offer many other water care options including chlorine, salt, UV-Ozone, bromine and more. Want to know the difference in any or all of the options?

We’ll happily share our thoughts and experience and then even more happily allow you to choose what’s best for your above ground pool and best for your family. And if you ever need service on any above ground pool or pool equipment purchased from us, we’re here for you then, too. Interested in an Above Ground Pool for your backyard? Contact us today!


The Esprit Above Ground Swimming Pool is a great investment for your home. It’s easy to put together and has galvanized steel and Krystal Kote protection that will keep it safe from exposure, even in harsh weather conditions like rain or snow! 


  • 6’’ steel top ledges with Texture-KoteTM finish
  • Resin ledge cover
  • Steel uprights with Texture-KoteTM finish
  • Steel bottom rails & bottom plates
  • State-of-the-art all-weather protection
  • Durable ProtectolocTM wall for enduring appearance and structural support

The fun of an above-ground pool is here. It’s easy and won’t break the bank! The Conquest pool has a superior steel frame design that provides summer fun in an aesthetically pleasing way. The resin edge joints blend seamlessly into their surroundings to create one cohesive product, making this the perfect addition for your backyard oasis! When planning your dream yard, consider appreciating the Conquest!


  • 7″ Steel Top Ledge with bullnose edge and safety rolled undersides
  • Strong modern design and fully supportive Krystal Kote Steel uprights for strength
  • Krystal Kote Steel Wall
  • Two-Toned ledge cover made from polypropylene resin
  • Rippled Corrugated walls lets the walls resist both water pressure and external shocks.
  • Steel bottom rails & Stabilizer
  • Aluminum Return Panel

The Regency round above-ground pool hybrid construction with steel uprights and resin top ledges provides an incomparable swimming experience. A combination of durability, strength, and beauty that will keep you in the water year after year!


  • 54″ tall steel walls
  • Aluminum return panel
  • 8” inch injected resin top rails- Stability and Style
  • Ledge cover made from Synpro resin, design that hides screws, never chips or discolors
  • 6” Krystal Kote Steel uprights for strength
  • Resin stabilizers safely secure the liner into position and stabilize the wall
  • Wide resin No-Rust bottom rails help to lock wall into place and permit stability despite the freeze-thaw cycle
CURRENT AVAILABILITY: 18′, 24′, 27′, 30′, 33′

Impress your friends with a backyard that’s fit for royalty! The Panache 24ft Round Above Ground Pool is the perfect balance between form and function. With resin injection molding, you can be sure there won’t be any corrosion risks or reliability issues in this pool because it was designed using an innovative process which eliminates them both. The streamlined design means fewer parts and easier installation!


  • 8-inch injection-molded top ledge
  • Incorporates multi-ribbed supports for optimum stability
  • 6-inch injection-molded uprights in an elegant contrasting color
  • Perfectly fitting and locking parts
  • Resin rails at both the top and bottom
  • Smooth shape increases pool strength
  • Resin Shield paint provides an extra layer of resistance against corrosion.
CURRENT AVAILABILITY: 18′, 24′, 27′, 30′, 33′