Hot Tubs Manchester, TN

Wellis Hot Tubs

As one of the leading spa producers in Europe, Wellis Hot Tubs is highly regarded for offering premium therapy-based jetted outdoor retreat spaces. Their three distinct lines are designed to fit any budget. Customers love the reliability of these tubs that are loaded with features such as a high-end Bluetooth sounds system and soothing LED lighting functions. There are even extra roomy models with 88 jets and spacious 9-room seating that are perfect for entertaining or larger families. The sanitizing system effectively treats the water multiple times daily. Wellis Hot Tubs are super-quiet and boast simple automatic touchscreen controls.

Tuff Spas

Those looking for a durable and energy efficient hot tub that has the potential to last for decades, the best cost-efficient choice is Tuff Spas.  This line of jetted hot tubs is one of the few that can run continuously and provide heating on just a 110-volt plug. Tuff Spas live up to their name with their exclusive 1000 pound capacity easy-slide Tuff Covers that are warrantied for life—a promise unmatched by competitors! These easy slide-open covers are ideal for those seeking additional shelving for beverages and towels without the hassle of lifting and folding a standard one. Users also appreciate the low-profile and easy side entry design of Tuff Spas hot tubs in addition to their features such as powerful jets and one-touch activated LED lighting.

Aspen Spas

There’s no denying the power of having up to three soothing pumps fueling up to 65 graphite and stainless volcano jets in St. Louis, MO manufactured Aspen Spas. If you are in the market for a fully customizable jetted hot tub, Aspen Spas lets clients choose options ranging from full chromotherapy lighting, unique seating styles, sound system preferences, and illumination in pillows, controls and waterfalls—all conveniently operated by topside touchscreen controls. Soakers can relax in confidence with a reliable sanitizing ozonator system available in both 110-volt and 220-volt styles.

Garden Leisure Hot Tub

Garden Leisure

Whether you are looking for a cozy two-person spa, a model for the family, or one you can exercise and swim in, Tennessee-based Garden Leisure hot tubs has you covered. These innovative therapeutic soakers boast a state-of-the art Hybrid High Intensity Vacuum Ultraviolet SimpleClear® UV-C system. You and your fellow relaxants will feel even more comfortable knowing that waterborne pathogens are neutralized without the need for excessive sanitizer use with this low-maintenance tub. With multiple seating options and targeted jets, Garden Leisure provides and optimal mind, body, relaxing experience.